6 Ways to Look and Feel More Put Together✨💃🏽

First things first. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! It’s 2020, & in this roller-coaster we live in called life it’s easy to run around in the morning throw something on and go to work without looking or feeling to our full potential. While I know there are days where it’s a miracle that we get to work on time, I believe that we can agree that it’s worth taking the time to look and feel more put together. When you’re feeling put together it allows you to feel positive and confident about the day you have ahead. Not feeling put together takes your attention away from the things you should be focusing on. Continue on to see what tricks I have up my sleeve that will have you feeling and looking legit for you to conquer all of your days ahead.

1. Settle on a Morning Routine

When you have a morning routine that works for you, it will truly set your mind right for the rest of the day. Doing something just for yourself every day when you wake up will help you feel like your life is together. Be strict with yourself, wake up early, go to the gym and break a sweat, have a healthy breakfast and conquer the day!

2. Quick 5 Minute Meditation

We all have those days where we feel like we’re all over the place. Go ahead and give meditation a try for just 5 minutes. When you focus on being in the moment it will help center you, which allows you to be more focused for the rest of the day.


3. Change your Clothes

If you feel that your clothes are too tight or baggy, go ahead and change into something more fitting and comfortable. When you’re wearing clothes that fit properly, you will feel better instantly! You will also give the impression to others that you are calm, cool, and collected.


4. Make your Eyes Standout

Having your eyes look bright and awake makes a difference when you enter a room. When covering your dark under eye circles, choose a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. For an added bonus, add a peach tone corrector underneath the concealer to take away those pesky dark circles. Along with that, pay attention to the eyeshadow colors that you are using, you don’t have to have a rainbow on your lids, simple colors help to compliment your eyes and make them pop. Below you will see a chart that will show you which colors help bring out different eye colors.


5. Perfume

To finally finish off the look from head to toe, spray a quick dose of perfume. It brings your look all together and it will have you turning heads. Wear a light and refreshing fragrance, and not a strong one, that way the attention is not taken away from you and goes to your strong smelling perfume.  


6. Power Pose

Remember when mom always told us to stop slouching, well keep listening to her because she is right. You want to stand up straight, legs apart, hands on your hips and watch as you instantly look and feel more powerful.


It’s 2020 ladies and gents, a new decade is starting and it’s time to kill it, slay it up, and show the world what a boss you are!