Avocados be Legit!🥑🥑🥑

Besides the fact that the name of my blog and Instagram is MissLatinavocado, I truly do love avocados so flipping much! Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing an avocado shirt, showering with my avocado shower curtain, or even indulging my face in my avocado based skin care. I am not afraid to be loud and proud for my love of this superfood that has so many amazing benefits. 



Improves Eyesight: High in fiber, avocados can help protect the eyes from cataracts and eye diseases related to age and vision problems. 

Fights Cancer: Avocados are known for their anti-cancer properties which helps to lower the risks of cancer. 

Improves Digestion: High in B vitamins. The B complex vitamins are very important for cellular metabolism and digestion. 

Helps with Weight Loss: Avocados are low in calories and low in carbs. They are also full of fiber. These are a couple of attributes of the avocado that contributes to weight loss. 


Skin Benefits

Prevents Acne: With regular avocado intake, avocados effectively control acne and breakouts in the skin. It also keeps the skin supple and glowing. 

Nourishes Skin: Avocado Oil is easily absorbed into the skin and penetrates deep into your skin leaving it well nourished and feeling nice and soft. 


Hair Benefits

Vitamin B & E: Massaging your hair with the batter fruit results in soft and healthy looking hair. It also controls frizz to a great extent. 

Shiny Hair: Avocado oil is easily absorbable and thus penetrates deep into your skin, leaving it well cleansed, nourished and baby soft.