7 Things to do before 2020!

There are three months till 2020 people! Just the thought of it almost being a new year is insane! The older you get the more quickly the days and years go by. If you’re feeling like you haven’t made the most of the year, don’t worry, its def not too late. There is still time to accomplish so much. Below are seven things you can do before we ring in 2020 so you can feel good when you reflect on 2019.  


1. Be more focused

Life is hectic, and a good amount of the time we try to juggle so many things at once and at the end of the day we are disappointed with how they turned out. To be completely honest, I am guilty of doing this when it comes to writing my blog posts. I will spend my time checking Instagram. , writing, watching a YouTube video, and entertaining my dog all at once which is not a good setup for success. I want to be committed in being focused. If am watching a YouTube video then thats it. If I am writing, I want to focus on just writing and not any other distractions. When you focus on one task at a time you tend to be calmer and your brain doesn’t get fried up so quickly. 


2. Digital Clean Up

When it comes to my phone, I have so many screenshots and photos that need to be deleted. Like all of those contacts you have that you don’t talk to anymore, your random notes, apps you don’t use and so much more. I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one here! Lol Take some time out of your day to really sit down and declutter your digital devices and accounts. It’s kind of like a social media cleanse. You will feel so much more alleviated and your digital device will no longer be a cluttered mess. 


3. Read a New Book

When you have downtime at home, or you have nothing to do on your lunch break at work, go ahead and pick up a new book for your brain to feast on. Reading can help enhance your imagination and helps improve your ability to focus and your memory. As for those who feel a lot of stress and tension whether it be at home or work, reading helps lower those levels. My favorite book at the moment is “Leave Your Mark” by Aliza Light. Aliza shares advice and inspiration on landing your dream job, killing it on social media, and so much more! 


4. Go Some Place You Have Never Been

When you have a weekend off, or literally any day of the week off go out and take a drive to some place new. Find a new beach, or hiking trial. Instead of always going to Chipotle for lunch, venture out and try a Thai food place. Give your taste buds something new to savor. Spend the weekend in a new city, go and venture out of your comfort zone and make some new memories.


5. Declutter a Room

With the holidays approaching fast, our homes tend to get a bit more cluttered in the fall and winter time. Go and pick at least one room, just one and go through it and declutter. With the holidays being right there, there are tons of donation centers accepting clothes and toys for families in need. You will feel so good doing a good deed for others, and you’ll have one less room to clean when the New Year rolls around. 


6. Do Something Uncomfortable

Going out of your comfort zone is no easy task. But it’s such an essential part of growing as a human being. Over the summer I went to Morocco which is located in the continent of Africa. I learned a new culture, rode a camel in the desert, traveled with 36 complete strangers, knowing absolutely nothing about them. Traveling solo and making new friends with other fellow travelers has allowed me to grow confidence and security in myself. Knowing that I can travel overseas, look after myself and not depend on anyone for it, for me or with me. Leaving your comfort zone allows you to find new opportunities, new skills, new prospective on life and so much more! Find a challenge that makes you nervous and conquer it. Then you’ll realize that it wasn’t something to be afraid of after all. 


7. Remove Things You Don’t Enjoy 

What is something that always puts you in a bad mood? Can you eliminate that person or habit that doesn’t bring you peace? If you aren’t happy waking up and going to the job you’re at, it’s time to start applying to new places. Do you have a toxic “friend” bringing you down all of the time? Tell them bye-bye and remove them because life is short and you don’t have the time to waste on that type of negativity. Maybe there are commitments you need to let go of. Whatever it may be LET IT GO. 


With the last three months that we have left in 2019 let’s make the best of it and end it in a bang!