Sin Playa No Hay Paraiso🌊🌞

Load up on the sunscreen and get ready to catch some rays mamacita! Puerto Rico beaches are known all around the world and have even been showed on the Discovery Channel. From beautiful rocky Cliffside beaches to even lavish backyard hotel beaches. Puerto Rico has over 270 miles of them, which means that there is definitely a beach for everyone, yes, even the picky ones.


Playa Flamenco

This is one of the main beaches that is on everyone’s to do list when they visit Puerto Rico! So many people skip the mainland and travel straight to Culebra Island which is a 45 minute ferry ride off the east coast of Fajardo Puerto Rico.

Flamenco beach shimmers with its crystal clear blue and green waters and lavish green hills encircling it allowing the golden sand to shine through.  This beach is well known because of all of the beautiful Instagram pics. There are two brightly painted navy tanks that spark up social commentary.  Culebra Island also has the largest camping grounds, so bring your tents and hammocks to the beach and enjoy your stay!

Playa Punta Borinquen

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of all the tourists, head over to the west side to the town of Aguadilla. Punta Borinquen beach is a wide open beach with beautiful views, breath taking rock formations and a wonderful place to have a picnic under the Palm trees or on the sand while enjoying the picturesque views.

When you arrive at the beach, if you go to the right you will see the rock formations and to the left you can walk to the ruins which back in the day it was a lighthouse that collapsed during an earthquake. This is my favorite beach ever! It is so calm, relaxing and I will never get tired of its natural beauty!


Play Peña Blanca

Puerto Ricans and travelers searching for off the beaten path wonders will fall in love with Playa Pena Blanca beach. It is also located in the town of Aguadilla and it’s such a dreamy beach that is set apart by its landscape. After you park you will walk down some concrete steps where it leads you to a beautiful panoramic view of this beach. To the right is a small more intimate beach area, and if you walk to the left down some concrete steps you will find the main beach area that is such a dreamy hide away under the rock formations. The water is so clear with different tones from an aqua marine to deep blue on the horizon. What a beauty it is!


Puerto Rico beaches are one of a kind with so much characteristics and dimensions. Allow them to tell you s story and paint you a picture that will never be forgotten.