Brunch the Puerto Rico Way🍳🤤🍴

Now imagine brunch in Puerto Rico and what a beautiful mix of amazingness explosions that could be! On my recent vacation I was lucky enough to try and experience different brunch places that really took my taste buds to flavor town. With Puerto Rico’s coffee being as amazing as it is, this took brunch to a whole new level!


Bistro Café Isla Verde

Before going to Puerto Rico, everyone kept telling me that Bistro Café was an absolute MUST! Let’s just say I ended up going three times! With Bistro, bigger and over the top is the way to go. You’ll see from oversized French toast, mimosas with full sized fruit pops, and my absolute favorite, stuffed avocados!!! I ordered my avocado stuffed with Churrasco (skirt steak).

Now their coffee is not like anything I have ever had. I got a coffee with the boarder of the cup dipped in Nutella and Oreo crumbs. I also got one one with edible glitter, and it was colored purple. It was so flipping good!! When it comes to their pancakes and waffles, I got both of them with Nutella and fruit on the top. Boy oh boy my mouth was in heaven!!


La Bombonera

If you’re looking for a more traditional and classic, La Bombonera is the place to go! This restaurant has been around since 1902.

It offers its traditional café colado (3-6 shots of Cuban style espresso) and freshly baked Mallorcas (traditional bread of Puerto Rico). This bread is sweet, fluffy, buttery, and dusted with powdered sugar on top. For breakfast I ordered a mallorca sandwich with ham, swiss cheese, and a fried egg that was pressed hot and to finish I ordered a nice hot colado! So delicious!!

Chocobar Cortes

Now who would have thought to have hot chocolate in the mid hours of the day? Certainly not I! But that all changed after I took a pit stop at the Chocobar Cortes. This restaurant is family owned, and they have been making chocolate from farm to bar in the Caribbean since 1929!

They have a traditional Puerto Rican hot Chocolate which is made with milk, sugar, and of course the Cortes’ chocolate, which is then served with a piece of chocolate and a piece of Puerto Rican cheese that we call Queso de Papa. Dip both of them together, and be prepared for an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

For brunch I had their avocado toast (obviously), chocolate, applewood smoked bacon and a fried egg with cherry tomatoes! I was in Heaven, again!!


Tazon Coffee Shop

When first walking into Tazon Coffee Shop, you feel the warm cozy vibes right away. Tazon takes coffee very seriously. They are the 2018 & 2019 Nacional Champions in the Latte Art Competition. They have won 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place medals.

They have a range of hot coffee, iced coffee, hot teas and their tazon specialty coffees with unique flavors. I tried the tazon George which was flavored with Hazelnut and coconut, it was so delicious!

To eat, I had the combination, which is a waffle shaped into a bowl that had mixed berries, drizzled with Nutella, and topped with whipped cream! I also had scrambled eggs with mixed veggies, ham and shredded cheese. The best part of it all was that the waffle bowl and the egg combo were only $8.80! What a deal!


Chaplin’s Café

Anything that is artsy and unique always calls my name. Once you enter Chaplin’s Café, you will see pictures and paintings of the one and only Charlie Chaplin. I fell in love as soon as I walked through those doors.

The food was amazing!! I started with a traditional Puerto Rican coffee with milk that came in a beautiful snail design. For the main course I had “Huevos a la Chaplin” which is two slices of sweet corn bread with carnitas, tomato, avocado, poached egg, and topped off with a spicy hollandaise sauce and cilantro. What a beautiful and scrumptious combination this was!


Go ahead and jump on a plane to Puerto Rico because I know one, or even all five of these brunch places are calling your name!