Puerto Rico’s Infinity Pool🌊❤️

“When you’re surrounded by nature in all directions you’ll understand why this is an experience unlike any other”

The adrenaline junkie in me knew that the hike to the infinity pool in El Yunque Rainforest was going to be the game changer of a lifetime. Aside from being a girly girl, I am always up for an adventure even if it means walking through mud for hours and getting poked by prickly plants.  
Being out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature puts me in such a state of nirvana. All of my worries and problems just float away! (When it includes waterfalls it’s a major plus!) 
One day while watching different videos about the infinity pool on YouTube I came across a video from “MannysWorld” where Manny is shown how to hike up all the way to the hidden gem by the man Rey Davila, who is a tour guide. Rey Davila knows his way to different rivers, mountains, and waterfalls all over the island.  
Right below in the video above is a link to Rays Instagram where you can reach out and ask for tour information. He is very caring and will let you know from the beginning that safety is #1 when doing any type of tour. Rey was born in Naguabo, Puerto Rico and from a very young age, his dad would take him on the hike to get to the infinity pool! This man knows this trail like the back of his hand.  
At the start of the tour you will see Rey with a huge backpack that has a first aid kit, natural bug repellent, and even an oxygen mask. In one hand he will be holding a bamboo stick, and in the other a machete. 
Throughout the hike, Rey starts to chop down the high grass to clear the path. Along the trail you will see edible raspberries that you can eat, and the flowers are gorgeous! Nothing like you’ve ever seen before because they’re only grown in the rainforest of course. 
Round trip, this hike is 7.6 miles. The infinity pool is located on the south side of El Yunque Rainforest. Rey told me that if you could complete this hike, you can complete any other hike that comes your way. The hike is very long, but the sights are amazing along the way. BUT there are some tricky steps to get to the infinity pool like, climbing a rope, crossing a bridge dam and finally, there is a metal ladder to go up.

For this hike you will definitely want to be decently active and not sick in any way. Also, if you’re afraid of heights this could be a hike to help you overcome your fear! Take a break from the hustle and see what a hike in the rainforest can offer you, or even a hike anywhere. Get in touch with nature and don’t be afraid to do it!