Travel Solo Hot Stuff✈️✈️✈️

Take your traveling up a notch and go solo! While you’re reading this, I am already in Puerto Rico chasing waterfalls and indulging in delicious stuffed avocados. Traveling is a BIG part of who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Now when it comes to traveling solo, it’s a whole different experience. My first solo trip was to Washington D.C. and I had the time of my life! I learned how to use the subway, tried Ethiopian food for the first time and took memorable pictures at all of the monuments. Traveling solo leaves you feeling like a new person and comes with many benefits!


Get Out From Your Comfort Zone

If you’re feeling like your confidence is at an all time low, pack your bags and jet off to a new place chica. Don’t let people convince you that traveling alone is a bad thing, because it really isn’t bad. Allow yourself to take charge and control how you want to vacation. It will allow you to make your own decisions and choose an activity you have never done. 

Break away from your usual routine and go see how some other countries are living their best lives. You’ll never know when you’ll be taking your last breath, don’t die wishing you should have traveled more. Solo travel will teach you to look at things differently and add confidence to your day to day life. You are in control of your own happiness.


Get to Know Yourself More

Every new year that comes, we meet ourselves once again and grow a little more. When you travel alone, you’ll discover sights, sounds, tastes, and new cultures that will have you falling in love. You might be telling yourself that you would not try ziplining because many people say its dangerous, but when you’re alone looking at how much fun everyone else is having, you contain your thoughts and tell yourself that you can, and you go for it! Do what appeals you, and if its not for you, try something else that may interest you, but never give up!


Meeting New People

When jetting off to different places around the world, you’ll come in contact with many different people, and some of which you’ll treasure for a lifetime. By meeting new people, you’re bound to learn new languages, learn about their culture and how it differs from your own, and hear stories you’ll never hear anywhere else, most importantly you gain a new friend. Helping you broaden your knowledge to a whole other level. It will also help you in your professional life when meeting new people in new/current jobs. Just a couple of examples, I met Tay & Goldie when I was in Greece with my bestie, and now next year we’re all going to Iceland together! Or even just by creating this blog, I have met so many inspirational bloggers and great companies!


Go ahead and take that solo trip, what are you waiting for? Seriously, go plan it today mamacita! Its not as frightening as you think.