The beginning of MissLatinavocadošŸ„‘

I did a thing and created my own beautiful blog! Pushing myself out of my comfort zone is something I have been trying to do more of lately, and I couldnā€™t be any happier! I have had this idea for some time now, and I have finally opened my eyes and grew the confidence to do so, so here I am.

Why ā€œMissLatinavocadoā€ you may ask?

I am a 25 year old Latina (Boricua to be exact) who has an unusual obsession, and love for avocados. I can eat them with literally anything and everything, from savory foods to even desserts. I have everything avocado, from my shower curtain, to my favorite skirt.

When 2019 began, I felt like I was born a new woman with a mission to accomplish. What is this mission you may ask? Well, it is to share with the world that there is more to life than just that 9-5 job, or that there is more to that outfit rather than a basic pair jeans and a tee. Basically in general, there is more to life, and we need to live it!

This blog will have a little bit of everything for everyone. The creation of this blog is very dear to my heart. It will contain the things I am very passionate about in life from food (who doesnā€™t love food) and travel, to fashion, beauty and so much more.

I want my readers to gain confidence and be able to wake up every day and do what they are really meant to do on this roller coaster that we call life.